Hexaedro is a 360º video installation, projected on the walls of an hexagonal prism. A video-based artwork centered in mankind evolution.

The Humanist Concept

Hexaedro sums up the global concepts that have been determinant in makind's evolutional process. They are abstract concepts that can be found on the most distinctive areas, contributing for the human evolution, where mathematics plays the main role as a universal language system, making it fundamental for decoding the natural environment. These are abstract and omnipresent ideas that are based on four fundamental pillars: evolution, singularity, creativity and knowledge. These concepts connect and intertwine, creating a continuous chain of thought. From science to philosophy, from mathematics to history, they prove a unifying theory: the concept that "everything is connected".

Everything is Connected


  • Growth
  • Metamorphosis
  • Multiplication
  • Life Cycle / Death
  • Past / Future


  • Singular / Plural
  • Individual / Society
  • Species / Element
  • Self-Knowledge
  • Consciousness


  • Curiosity
  • Transformation
  • Domain
  • Composition
  • Design


  • Share
  • Transmission
  • Learning
  • Legacy
  • University

Physical Structure

The Hexaedro project is, in its essence, a motion-design artwork, only with a peculiar set of technical features that make it an out-of-the-ordinary piece. The installation is actually a seamless, 360-degree video. Its presentation is, thus, inseparable from the physical structure that supports it, since the entire video has been produced and edited with the immersive qualities of the final installation in mind, which strives to draw the viewer into the piece itself, establishing a relationship of extreme proximity between the artwork and the viewer. These factors make this an immersive-design piece.

Arena Configuration

The hexagonal-shaped structure the project depends on consists of an arena of six, concentrically laid out projection screens, with a 4:3 display ratio each.

  • Isometric View
  • Top View
  • Left View