"The extension of any one sense alters the way we think and act, the way we perceive the world"

A 360º immersive installation

Born out of a graduation project, at the University of Coimbra's Design & Multimedia master's degree, Hexaedro reflects its author's ambition to go beyond the traditional frontiers imposed by video: it's an immersive design installation, composed of six, sequentially contiguous projection walls, together forming an hexagonal prism, without a floor or a ceiling, on which a seamless 360º video is projected. The viewers are invited into the center of the structure, from where they're able to watch, from all directions, the unfolding of a concise history of mankind. The concentric setup, by putting the viewer right at the center of the piece, begins to unveil the work's central theme: a humanist overview of concepts relating to the evolution of mankind, as unique and social beings, as an individual and as species. It's a non-narrated, purely-visual art piece, that seeks to tell its tale exclusively through the power of images and universal symbology: the evolution of the species, the discovery of fire, the progress and achievemnts that make our species unique.

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